Perfect for the all commercial interiors f.e. conference rooms, offices, restaurants. Thanks to 360 airflow ANDE cassettes ensure highest comfort of work. Units are WiFi ready which gives You comfort of managment from every place.

Basic features


ANDE creates products that fuse high quality with functionaANDE creates products that fuse high quality with functionality. Our motto is “It is key to keep our customer satisifed”. Besides design, we focus on the quality of our products.It is crucial that our customers feel safe and confident about their purchase throughout many years. Low failure rate of our products lead us to extension warranty to 3 years, which greatly increases satisfaction of our customers.


The energy class is important information about energy consumption and energy efficiency of the device. It is a key information for a end user. Regulations oblige suppliers to place on products labels containing the exact energy class designation. The classification means that, for example, class A air conditioner consumes about 10 percent less energy than class B device

Czynnik R32

Klimatyzatory ANDE pracują w oparciu o najnowszy ekologiczny czynnik chłodzący R32, który cechuje się zwiększeniem efektywności energetycznej, wpływa na bezpieczeństwo użytkowania oraz małą toksyczność.

– nie powoduje niszczenia warstwy ozonowej
– posiada bardzo niski współczynnik tworzenia efektu cieplarnianego


Cassette typ air conditioner is prepared for connection of fresh air duct. Fresh air will significantly increase the comfort in the room.

360 degree AIRFLOW

Construction of cassette panel is equipped with additional air outlets, in the corners. This feature allows even distribution of air in the room.

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