Wall mounted split type

Model JUPITER is the high class units in matt stylish design. Air conditioner can be controlled via wireless controller or via WiFi module. Units power consumption in standby mode is only 0.3W, the lowest volume – only 19dB. JUPITER is equipped with the most advanced anti dust high density filter, PM2.5 filter and new type Cold Plasma Ionizer. Jupiter also handles the most extreme outside conditions – it can work at -20C in heating mode. The device can be additionally equipped with filters.

Basic features


ANDE creates products that fuse high quality with functionality. Our motto is “It is key to keep our customer satisifed”. Besides design, we focus on the quality of our products. It is crucial that our customers feel safe and confident about their purchase throughout many years. Low failure rate of our products lead us to extension warranty to 3 years, which
greatly increases satisfaction of our customers.


The energy class is important information about energy
consumption and energy efficiency of the device. It is a key
information for a end user. Regulations oblige suppliers to place on products labels containing the exact energy class designation.

The classification means that, for example, class A air conditioner consumes about 10 percent less energy than class B device.

All ANDE devices have A ++ energy class.

R32 Refrigerant

ANDE air conditioners work on new ecological refrigerant R32, which characterizes with higher energetic effciency and safety. Additionaly: less toxic,  do not destroy Earth ozone layer,  low greenhouse effect factor

IONIZER (cold Plasma)

Nowadays fresh and clean air is one of the most significant parameter for modern society. Ionizer removes bad smells, and toxic substances from the air through ions that come into reaction with particles.

WIFI 2.0

ANDE JUPITER is equipped with new type of WiFi module – WiFi 2.0. It connects itself to smart terminal which allows to remotely control your device even outside of your home network.


Equipped with PM2.5 filter, which removes 99,9% of air pollution. There is a possiblity of montage additional filters such as: active carbon, 3in1, vitamin C and silver ion.


Heat exchanger both in indoor and outdoor units are covered by golden coating, which which has a positive effect on the life of the device, and also increases corrosion resistance, and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.


ANDE air conditioners airflow reach even 15m, which is one of the best results in the market

Product card

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