CUBE portable air conditioners are designed for all of these places where it is not possible to install traditional air conditioning. To install the air conditioner you do not need an installer and commissioning takes a few minutes. Warm air is discharged from the room using the outlet pipe available in the kit. It can be mounted in a window or wall.

The most important feature is mobility. You can easily move the unit at any time to another room in which will help wheels mounted to the device. Refrigerant R290 which is in ANDE portable air conditioners characterizes good thermodynamic properties and low impact

Basic features


ANDE creates products that fuse high quality with functionality. Our motto is “It is key to keep our customer satisifed”. Besides design, we focus on the quality of our products.

It is crucial that our customers feel safe and confident about their purchase throughout many years. Low failure rate of our products lead us to extension warranty to 3 years, which greatly increases satisfaction of our customers.


The energy class is important information about energy consumption and energy efficiency of the device. It is a key  information for a end user. Regulations oblige suppliers to place on products labels containing the exact energy class designation. The classification means that, for example, class A air conditioner consumes about 10 percent less energy than class B device.

All ANDE devices have A ++ energy class.

R290 refrigerant

R290 refrigerant (or ropane) is an organic compound characterized by very good thermodynamic properties and low environmental impact. This is due to the fact that it is a non-toxic gas with a negligible greenhouse effect.

TURBO mode and super cooling

Perfect if you want to quickly change the air temperature in the room. It is enough to select this function for the air conditioner to operate more efficiently at higher speed.


One of the quietest units in the market. Volume of the indoor units is only 20 dB – It’s like a tree leaves in the wind ! It allows You to work or relax in the highest comfort.


Unit is ready to expand its functionality by adding WiFi module. It allows You to control air conditioner from every place You want, even outside your home.

Product card

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