Wall mounted split type

Model Basic is a standard unit of the ANDE brand. It combines best quality, functionality at a great price. Device uses ecological R32 refrigerant, has silence mode, A++ energy class and compact dimensions. Capacity available from 2,5kW to 7,0kW

Basic features


ANDE creates products that fuse high quality with functionality. Our motto is “It is key to keep our customer satisifed”. Besides design, we focus on the quality of our products. It is crucial that our customers feel safe and confident about their purchase throughout many years. Low failure rate of our products lead us to extension warranty to 3 years, which
greatly increases satisfaction of our customers.


he energy class is important information about energy consumption and energy efficiency of the device. It is a key information for a end user. Regulations oblige suppliers to place on products labels containing the exact energy class designation.The classification means that, for example, class A air conditioner consumes about 10 percent less energy than class B device.
All ANDE devices have A ++ energy class.

R32 Refrigerant

ANDE air conditioners work on new ecological refrigerant R32, which characterizes with higher energetic effciency and safety. Additionaly:  less toxic, do not destroy Earth ozone layer , low greenhouse effect factor


Through its compact design air conditioner will fit Your surroundings and will not loose its performance. Such small indoor unit dimensions make it one of the smallest air conditioner in the market. ANDE air conditioners will fit the smallest spaces.


ANDE Basic series is one of the quitest air conditioners in the market – only 20 dB(A). Are You afraid of noisy air conditioner during your sleep? Do not worry. ANDE air conditioners have sleep mode which will ensure full comfort during your rest time


Unit is ready to expand its functionality by adding WiFi module. It allows You to control air conditioner from every place You want, even outside your home.


Temperature setting is displayed on air conditioner front panel in discreet way. Display brightness is adjusted to light intensity in the room, which guarantees full comfort.

This function allows turning off of the display on the air conditioner ensuring high comfort and good night sleep.

Product card

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